Who am I?

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Stefan, and I’m the founder of the Great Canadian Tech Experiment. I’ve been around the startup block for a couple years now, and this is my next adventure – I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada. The town is much bigger now – nearly tripled in size (we have a Starbucks even).

Growing up, I got recruited into track and field, where I threw shot put and discus. It’s a weird sport, to be sure, but I hit 6 feet tall when I was 12, and I couldn’t jump or run fast, so standing and throwing was the only sport option. Luckily enough for me, I got recruited to Yale and was on the varsity track and field team there for 3.5 years until (unluckily enough for me) numerous injuries pushed me into early retirement.

pic of a selfie

Moving to Toronto after graduating, I got into IT and HR consulting, seeing the people side of tech and the tech side of people. It was an eye opener, and led to me founding Ziversity – a diversity and inclusion focused recruiting startup – in 2015. I worked on that project for almost two years, closing it down in February 2017.

But the employee life just wasn’t right for me.

start proud team

Make no mistake, I love working for a company – you really feel like you’re making an impact because the client base already exists and you are able to walk right in and create value. However, ultimately the entrepreneurship bug bit me again, and I started doing sales enablement consulting (a fancy way of saying I help companies get their sales teams ready with knowledge around diversity and inclusion to reach new markets, content marketing strategy to put their thoughts out there, and getting everyone on the same message).

venturing out

I still live in Toronto, loving it every day, and keep busy with a few other things – I’m a BetaKit contributor, a Venture for Canada advisor, and one of the co-founders of Venture Out, Canada’s first summit dedicated to LGBT inclusion in tech and entrepreneurship.

If you want to get in touch, you should follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn! I’m pretty responsive to DMs and InMails 🙂